NYC Veg Fest, Vida Vegan Con Blogger Meet-Up, and Vegan News You Can Use (3/4/12)

by JL Fields on March 4, 2012

Good morning!  I slept in today and it was delightful!  Why so tired? I had an action-packed Saturday!  I went to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival.

It’s going on today (Sunday), too, so if you’re in NYC get on over there!

This year I bought a VIP ticket to avoid the long line and waltzed right in- $20 well-spent!  My first order of business was to find Gena for some girlfriend time.  We grabbed two chairs, found a fairly quiet corner and got all caught up. Later, I wandered the aisles (I didn’t take pictures – bad blogger!) and gobbled up some treats, including an empanada from V-Spot, marshmallows from Sweet and Sara (I finally met Sara after years of following each other on Facebook and Twitter) and I bought a $13 jar Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Dried Cherries from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. Worth. It. I spent most of my time chatting with my WFAS friends at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Jill and John at the Vegan Cuts table. Good times.

I organized an informal east-coast dinner meet-up for Vida Vegan Con bloggers who were attending the Fest:  Esther, Fran, John and Jill, Jenn, Kate, and Kelly.  We had hoped to check out the new Blossom Bakery (formerly Cocoa V) but it does not  open until next week (contrary to a March 3 opening reported on the New York Boo! Quick thinkers, we opted for a vegan field trip to Lifethyme Natural Market.

It was my first visit and I am in love.  I picked up two flavors of Dr. Cow nut-based cheese, Faux Gras (which I sampled at the Fest), raw, live and dried BBQ Kale Chips and Kale Granola (oh. yes. I. did.) made at Lifethyme, and a Tollbooth cookie from Lifethyme’s all-vegan bakery. Plant-based delights!

From there we walked to Soy and Sake for a big meal.  I started with a collard green (with soy “ham”) vegetable roll.

Followed by the Classic BLT

Vegan tempeh bacon, lettuce and tomato on whole grain bread with vegan mayo

Another great meal at Soy and Sake!  I think everyone was pleased with the huge variety on the menu. It was fantastic to see some of my favorite bloggers in person again (Vida Vegan Con feels like a lifetime ago!) and to enjoy such a fun evening.

Now, for the news!

This week’s Vegan Links and News

  • I read this from Mercy for Animals, Friday night:  “Iowa has enacted the nation’s first ag-gag law — which seeks to outlaw undercover investigations exposing animal cruelty on factory farms.”  Hey, Iowa, if you’re proud of what you do to animals, why not allow cameras in to share with the world?
  • For those of us who have children of the feline-variety, this Q&A – Is a vegan diet safe for my cat?  –  pretty much confirms that I will continue to feed my cats animal-based food.

Respect: Regardless the reason for the choice – religion, ethical conviction, medical – it is critical that one person not mock or otherwise ridicule or put down the choices of another partner. That runs both ways:  If one person is a committed vegan, he or she may need to get off his/her high horse and not make it a moral indictment of the partner who does not choose to eat that way, because that is a choice that may not be amenable to that partner. Find ways to voice preferences that are not disrespectful.

Communicate: Such different choices only work if there is clear communication about grocery shopping (perhaps one person will not buy meat for the other), meal planning, restaurant choices etc.

Compromise: If the person with more restrictions also does the bulk of the cooking, then there may need to be a way to meet halfway so one doesn’t feel there is no choice but vegetarian, etc. It may also require both parties to step up to the plate and cook together.

Meet halfway: Cook together or surprise each other with a restaurant choice that suits the preferences of the other.

Be an opportunist: If the husband is a card-carrying vegetarian and finds it hard to go to places where steaks are the “thing” on the menu, but the wife loves her steaks, then a great time for the wife to eat her beloved steak is on a girls’ night or at lunch.

Create space: In some dietary restrictions (like kashruth), there should not even be proximity of one food to utensils, pans, etc. Create zones in the kitchen that respect those choices.

This week on the blogs

JL goes Vegan

Stop Chasing Skinny

This week we surpassed my fundraising goal for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

At 111% of the goal we are now at $810.  There are 18 more days in this fundraiser and a generous donor will match the total raised by 50%. What a huge gift to the animals! You can still donate (and thank you)!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a basic recipe that has become a staple in my cooking. Have a great Sunday!

  • veganlisa

    How I wish I could have been there catching up with all of you in NYC. I am happy to hear you had such a fabulous Saturday. I plan to make my way down for a delicious visit soon. xo

    • JL

      Get down here…soon! 

  • VeganVersion

    Sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to catch up with you soon in NYC!

    • JL

      It will be here before we know it!

  • How on earth do you manage such comprehensive and thoughtful recap posts? I’m so impressed. And gosh, it was wonderful to see you. 

    • JL

      It was GREAT to see you! xo

  • That nut butter sounds amazing! I forced myself to skip that booth because we were on our way to the airport, and those jars were a long way from being TSA friendly. But man, they looked good. I have a recap coming, but I need to get over the jetlag and restock my refrigerator first!

    • JL

       I can’t wait to read your recap!

  • Basically, JL, you are awesome! It sounds like you and the other bloggers had such a fun time. I miss NY terribly, after visiting in October for a couple of weeks. Great links for news, also. I think I’m going to share the “Love is a Cattlefield” one with my boyfriend, as he is not veggie and it can sometimes be a point of tension. 🙁 If I’m on the East coast anytime soon, I’d love to meet up! 🙂

    • JL

      Ha! You are sweet! YES, let me know when you get out here!

      Let me know what the BF thinks of the article (my husband is not vegan — we both really agreed with the  suggestions).

  • Thanks so much for sharing the Eatocracy piece! Always love reading opinions on mixed relationships.

    • JL

       It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

      Sorry I missed you at the NYC VFF — but enjoyed reading your recap!

  • Shinyhappyvegan

    Hi, JL!  It was great to meet you on Saturday, only sorry we didn’t get to talk more!  I accidentally (as in I had no idea it was the place and just happened to walk by) ended up at the Bloosom bakery on Sunday for their “preview”.  I was REALLY hoping for a croissant, but all they had for the preview were cakes and such.  Esther and I also made the trek out to Dunwell and it was AMAZING.  You need to go! 🙂

    • JL

       Okay, I have GOT to get to Brooklyn for doughnuts! 

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