Vegan news you can use (3/11/12)

by JL Fields on March 11, 2012

Hey, I lost an hour today!

Sorry for the late post but not only did I lose that hour, my husband and I also partied like rockstars with these awesome friends last night…

…and slept in this morning like it was our job.

We had a fabulous vegan, Italian feast which I will share with you next week.  Here’s a teaser:

This was just the nosh! More later.

This week’s Vegan Links and News

This week I learned about a new game/app for the iPhone: My Food Fight.

In light of a new Yale study, which recently concluded that kids were 56 percent more likely to eat unhealthy snacks after playing advergames highlighting junk food, Field Fresh Apps®, a developer of mobile applications, has announced the launch of the first mobile application to use innovative gamification to fight obesity by teaching people about the benefits of organic food and agriculture.  Called ‘MY FOOD FIGHT!®,’ the app is designed to be a fun, interactive tool that helps people learn about the benefits of organic nutrition and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle…

…when players eat unhealthy foods or those that contain genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs, they quickly lose energy and can even lose their virtual life, especially if too many GMOs are consumed.  In addition to being rewarded for healthy food choices, players can also purchase nutrient nuggets, which serve as the game’s currency. The nuggets start at $0.99 and are similar to vitamins in that they provide supplemental energy and help reinforce the energy received from healthy food consumption.

While the app is free to download, each subsequent nutrient nugget purchase will trigger a donation to The Organic Center to help further its mission. The Organic Center will initially receive five percent of the game’s revenue, up until revenue hits $100,000.  Once the game has generated $100,000, The Organic Center will receive 3 percent of revenue thereafter.

I downloaded the app.

I can’t lie. I’m a wannabe gamer but I’m just not good at this stuff. So I had to put it on pause…

…because I accidentally drank a soda! I don’t drink soda! Anyway, it’s a really fun concept. Check it out.

Are you a Lightlife fan?  I found their products really helpful when I transitioned to a vegetarian and vegan diet.  They have started a new wonderful new project:  Vegetarian Food Pioneer Lightlife® Partners With Urban Farming(TM) to Encourage Americans to “Plant Our Future”(TM)

In sports news, let me just say “Yay!” for vegetarian athletes! The latest on the plant-based scene? A female race car driver. Woot!

Vegans on NPR make me happy!  Vegan Soul Food With A Side Of Soulful Music.  You know what else makes me happy? When Mark Bittman gets it right: A Chicken Without Guilt.

Finally, filed under You Don’t Have to Convince Me: Vegan Diet Good for Improving Mood, Say Researchers.

This week on the blogs

JL goes Vegan

Early in the week I took you through my bulk cooking process:



Stop Chasing Skinny

I’m looking for March submissions!  Have you stopped chasing skinny?  Submit your story today!


My fundraiser for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary concludes in just over a week!

At 111% of the goal we are now at $810.  A generous donor will match the total raised by 50%. What a huge gift to the animals! You can still donate (and thank you)!

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