Vegan News You Can Use (6/29/14)

by JL Fields on June 29, 2014

Vegan news you can use (6/29/14)

And in honor of the World Cup, here is USA team member Tim Howard for PETA.

ink not mink | tim howard

If you’re hungry:

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Meatless Monday: North Meets South Vegan Bean Dip

bean dip

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yummy vegan meals

Vegan Pizza Day 2014

Vegan Pizza Day 2014

Stop Chasing Skinny

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  • Dianne

    Thank you for including my pizza recipe!

    • JL

      I want to eat that pizza every single day, Dianne!

  • runcrissierun

    Damn, Tim Howard. Damn 🙂 Just another reason to love you!

    • JL

      Right, @runcrissierun:disqus? HAWT.

  • HereHere

    I love what you do, but please….don’t support PETA. They are so problematic and do not represent the vegan or vegetarian movement well. Nathan Winograd, a vegan and companion animal super-advocate that I respect, details the problems he’s encountered with PETA here:

    I encourage all those in the animal rights movement to consider the dark side of PETA and to avoid promoting them in the media and elsewhere. They do not respect life.

    • JL

      I do support PETA, @disqus_Z9ONTdrYlg:disqus, and I respect your decision not to.

      Since you’ve posted Winograd’s position, I’ll share PETA’s response so that anyone reading this can consider both sides of the issue:

      • HereHere

        Thanks for the link you posted. I am quite experienced with the companion animal protection movement, and I find there are some false premises there. For example, Winograd criticizes shelter management, particularly the Executive Director – not the shelter workers. Another example is that PETA implies that all No Kill shelters are closed or limited admission. More and more open admission shelters are adopting the No Kill Equation. At least from either side, we both agree that a key component is getting affordable spay/neuter accessible to all.

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