22 Days Nutrition + Vegan News You Can Use (12/8/13)

by JL Fields on December 8, 2013

Shall I start with the obvious? Jay-Z and Beyoncé are trying out a plant-based diet for 22 days. I don’t do a lot of celeb stuff here because I think we set people up to be heroes and then get angry when they don’t live up to what we wanted them to do for the vegan movement – whether they wanted to or not.

The only reason I’m bringing Jay-Z and B up here is because my friend Gena of Choosing Raw provided the recipes in the 22 days nutrition challenge! How freakin’ awesome is that? If you’re flirting with going vegan, or know someone who is thinking about going plant-based, check out Gene’s recipe on the 22-day blog!

And now the non-celeb news…

Vegan news you can use (12/8/13)

If you’re hungry:

And if you’re thirsty:

This week on the blogs

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VIDEO: An omnivore hosts a vegan dinner party

How to Host a Vegan Pop-Up Market in YOUR Community

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Meeting the residents of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (Sponsor a Rescued Animal)

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Stop Chasing Skinny

Have you stopped chasing skinny? Submit your story today.

  • Abby Heugel

    I agree that anyone who moves to a more plant-based diet should be supported and not chastised for not being “veggie” enough, but I just saw a story in which Beyonce and Jay-Z were wearing fur while posting images from a vegan restaurant. Kind of a mixed signal there. Anyway, I love the first link for how to support animals this holiday season. We don’t do gifts, but always make an animal donation instead. Great info 🙂

    • JL

      Thanks, @abbyheugel:disqus! Yeah, I’ve been reading all about the fur and leather issue this morning. Funny, when I lived in NY I went to vegan restaurants all the time. I remember someone at Candle 79 telling me that 75% of their customers are not vegan or vegetarian (and I know that not all of the staff are vegan). So I was never surprised about the lack of awareness by the patrons. Which goes back to how highly visible people – who intentionally called themselves plant-based vs. vegan – get unnecessary attention (and scorn) doing what many do every single day. It’s a journey.

      I hope they get more support than judgment over the 22 days!

      • Abby Heugel

        I agree 100 percent. The funny thing is that they will get much more judgment from vegans than those who don’t live a plant-based lifestyle, which is frustrating to say the least. I say just do the least amount of harm that you can. Every little bit helps.

  • Patty

    I’m loving your weekly news and recipe roundup JL! I especially loved seeing your photos of the animals at the sanctuary….beautiful.

    • JL

      @1e54415d8e8f33ea428fac092b7a2b40:disqus, thank you for letting me know that you enjoy these posts!

  • Vegan Yack Attack

    Thank you for featuring my recipe! 😉 Also, now I can’t stop thinking about Jess’s pumpkin pie-infused liquor. Seriously?! Great round up! <3

    • JL

      My pleasure, @veganyackattack:disqus! It looks amazing!

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