Vegan News You Can Use (1/19/14) + Pressure Cooking Class in Co Springs!

by JL Fields on January 19, 2014

Before I get to the news, may I please make a quick announcement for my readers in Colorado Springs?

I’m teaching a Vegan Pressure Cooking Basics cooking demo class on February 8! Join me!

Vegan Pressure Cooking Basics class in Colorado Springs

Thank you and now on to the news…

Vegan news you can use (1/19/14)


If you’re hungry:

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VIDEO: Vegan Pressure Cooking Basics

Vegan pressure cooking on the road

vegan pressure cooking | JL Fields

Stop Chasing Skinny

Have you stopped chasing skinny? Submit your story today.

  • Nancy A.

    I sure wish I could be there for your cooking class! You are a great teacher, love your videos. I am new to pressure cooking and need all the help I can get!

    • JL

      Nancy please reach out whenever you have questions! I would love to help!

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