A few bits of Vegan News You Can Use (hello from NYC!).

by JL Fields on August 10, 2014

Consider today’s post a “mini” vegan news you can use. I’ve been in New York since Thursday. I met with a consulting client at Columbia University Friday morning and the took myself out for lunch (Candle Cafe West).

Candle Cafe West vegan lunch

(Seitan Dumplings and Chopped Salad)

Oh, perhaps a dessert was involved.

Candle Cafe West Peach Crumble

(Peach Crumble.)

Then I was off to Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy where I spoke to the new vegan lifestyle coaches and educators about the variety of ways in which they can use their new credential to change the world for humans and animals.

My friends Ethan and Michael (the Vegan Mos) are hosting me this weekend and threw a lovely dinner party – Fran Costigan, Gena Hamshaw, and Mariann Sullivan joined us. Great fun!

Dinner by the Vegan Mos

(Kale salad, vegan cheese platter and Michael’s Sundried Tomato Basil Spread, Watermelon Gazpacho, and Tuscan Seitan.)

The Mos and I went to The Seed Saturday.

The Vegan Mos and JL Fields

I gave a talk on The Professional Vegan. It was so much fun and so many people came up to me after to say what they plan to do to begin their trajectory to incorporating their work into their vegan mission. Better yet, a woman came up to me to say that she attended my session last year at The Seed. She started teaching monthly cooking classes, is finishing up her IIN certification, and quit her social work job to do this full-time. It was during my session yesterday that she realized it was directly related to sitting in my session on taking your vegan blogging into your activism last year. JOY!

I ran into my hero/friend James McWilliams

James E. McWilliams and JL Fields

Here’s Demetrius (VeganD on Twitter), the genius who spreads the word about Vegucated and Vegan Mash Up (and a man I simply adore.)

Demetrius and JL

I finally met Honey LaBronx.

Honey LaBronx and JL Fields

I saw my buddy Marty who now makes this freaking genius vegan burger that tastes just like a Big Mac! Yep, the compassionate, vegan Big Mac, people.

Vegan Fast Food NY | Vegan Big Mac

We went to The Seed VIP after party hosted by Gene Baur (President of Farm Sanctuary) and, oh, here I am with him.

Gene Bauer and JL Fields


Then we went to Sacred Chow for dinner (take cash, they no longer accept credit cards).

Sacred Chow vegan dinner

(Eggplant Rollatini, Root Vegetable Latkes, and Sunflower Lentil Pate.)

Today I’m off to attend the Main Street Vegan Academy graduation luncheon at Candle Cafe West to celebrate my new fellow vegan lifestyle coaches!

How about a few tidbits of news?

Vegan news you can use (8/10/14)

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