Vegan eats at the ballpark, 15 superfoods, and pie! Vegan news you can use (4/8/12)

by JL Fields on April 8, 2012

This week’s Vegan Links and News

Finally, though not vegan-related, I just have to share a beautiful post that my cousin-in-law, Emily, wrote this week. She is a talented baker and started blogging at Pie-Eyed last year. She writes a series called “Pie it Forward” and this week wrote about sharing her love of baking pies with clients at a homeless shelter.  I hope you read it – it’s lovely:  Pie it Forward: Family Promise.

This week on the blogs

JL goes Vegan

Stop Chasing Skinny

My friend Ginny Messina takes on PCRM:  More body shaming to “promote” veganism. Bravo, Ginny, bravo! Speaking of body shaming, it’s spring and that means many of us will be bombarded with messages like “Get bikini-ready!”  or “Get skinny in 15 days!” because, you know, we aren’t lovely just the way we are.  Well, I am. Are you? Are you happy with your body right now?  Submit your story today!

  • 15 Vegan Superfoods to Add to Your Diet – where’s the kale?  Hopefully this means that kale is understood to be a superfood by default and not even necessary to include on the list.  🙂

    • JL

      Right? I’m just assuming it’s a given that it should be a part of every meal! 😉 

  • Great round up, thanks!

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