Snowshoeing, Vegan Dinner for Non-Vegans and a Weekly Round-Up (3/10/13)

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by JL Fields on March 10, 2013

Greetings from the snowy mountains!

snow in silverthorneFriday I shared how we prepared for this trip.  We arrived in Breckenridge in the afternoon and we met a blog reader and her husband (Hi Fran and Roy!) at Amazing Grace for lunch.  We had a great conversation and I enjoyed this lovely spicy tofu salad and a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

spicy tofu salad at amazing graceWe met up with our friends, who graciously hosted us this weekend, in Frisco and found our way to the condo later than night.

We awoke to a snowy morning.  When my friend started to make his steel-cut oats I had to stop him. Why take all that time when I had my pressure cooker with me?!

steel-cut oats in the pressure cooker1 cup of steel-cut oats, 3 cups of water, 5 minutes at pressure, natural release, and breakfast is served!

It was snowshoeing time for me and Dave!


Dave and JL in the mountains

Neither of us have ever hiked – or snowshoed – so we made the obvious choice and opted for the 4.5 mile / 2.5 hour loop at the Frisco Nordic Center, without water. (What can I say? We’re new around here!)

We were hooked with the first step.

JL goes snowshoeing

And once we got here…

the view, snowshoeing…we knew there was no going back. We’re buying snowshoes this week and are planning our next mountain weekend getaway!

Saturday evening  I was in charge of dinner for one vegan (hi!), two vegetarians and one omnivore.

We had massaged kale salad (with avocado, lime juice, coconut bacon and diced medjool dates).

Massage Kale Salad on JL goes VeganI simmered the seitan and Dave prepped the potatoes and carrots for the pressure cooker.

seitan and root veggiesWe cooked the root veggies in vegetable broth and then I mashed them in homemade vegan butter. Dave made gravy from a mix (we added seitan broth and a dash of cinnamon and ginger).

Dinner was served!

vegan buffet in silverthorneDivine!

vegan buffet platedDinner was a hit!

We are heading home early to see the Colorado Springs Philharmonic this afternoon so I won’t be sharing vegan news you can use this week (sorry!) but here’s a quick round-up from the blog.

This week on the blogs

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Robin Asbell and JL Fields at Natural Gourmet Institute

WEDNESDAY: While I’m writing… (a friend’s recipe, a birthday for the animals, and a Nut Butter Universe winner)

our hen house

FRIDAY: Road Trip Prep, Vegan-Style

JL goes Vegan Road Trip

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  • mj

    Sounds like fun! I love to snowshoe and hike, and I am glad you love it too! So, when I read about the steel cut oats, I realized I have to get myself a pressure cooker! I need to take time and look back at your old posts about using your pressure cooker. Thank you for your blog! Love it!

    • JL

      @2a3ab45f615b99b59f08d2b52da45bf8:disqus I’m cuckoo for my pressure cooker! It’s so great for grains, beans, soups, and more! Thank you for the kind words about the blog! Truly appreciated!

  • Wait… I had to go back and re-read that sentence. You’ve *never* hiked? Well… good thing you moved to CO where it’s a way of life 🙂 You guys can come up to Denver and I’ll initiate you. Well… we can wait till the snow is gone, ha ha.

    • JL

      Crazy, right, @twitter-464809434:disqus ? I’ve run marathons, I’ve raced triathlons. But no hiking!

      • After marathons, hiking will be a piece of vegan cake, I’m sure!

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