Sneak Peek from the 10-Course Vegan Dining Event + Vegan News You Can Use 5/20/12

by JL Fields on May 20, 2012

This morning, at 1:00 a.m., I had a shot of whiskey.

Hours before that, I looked like this…

…a super-excited, happy woman about to co-host her first vegan dining extravaganza at a non-vegetarian restaurant!

I don’t quite look like that now. But I still have a grin from ear to ear and I was delighted to slam down a shot with the chef following a culinary evening that rocked my world.  The event at Flow Bar + Restaurant clearly deserves a big, robust post and that will come later this week. Today, let me give you a tiny glimpse into the night.

I will share photos and descriptions of each course in a future post but how about a look at the inspired dessert that Chef Zachary Pelliccio created?

Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Beet Panna Cotta with Pomegranate Lemonade Coulis, and Shaved Lemon Rind.

The evening, the food, the huge crowd – it all surpassed my wildest imagination! More on the event later this week – I promise!

This week’s vegan links and news

Since I’m experiencing a vegan foodie weekend, this week’s links are for the foodies!

Mark your calendar!

Are you organizing an upcoming vegan event? Send me the details!

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I’m heading out for a trail run in beautiful Jim Thorpe, PA before heading home to New York this afternoon.  Enjoy your Sunday!

  • Congratulations, JL! It sounds like a fantastic event!

    • JL

      Thank you! It was great (and delicious) fun!

  • Beth

    First, you look smashing. Second, you had me at zucchini sushi and cranberry bread dumpling. Wish I could have gone!

    • JL

      Thanks, sweetheart! I wish you could have been there – we’re already thinking about a second event! Maybe then?!

  • Dontfearthevegan

    So cool and you look beautiful!!

    • JL

      You are kind! Thank you!

  • Shinyhappyvegan

    can’t wait to read all about it and pretend that i was there!

    • JL

      I wish you were, too!  We’ll be doing it again! Hope you can join us!

  • You look SO happy in that photo! The menu looks incredible.  I cannot wait to read more about this event! Congrats–sounds like a huge success. 🙂 xo 

    • JL

       Thank you, my friend! xo

  • ValerieCityLifeEats

    JL – congratulations on the event. It sounds amazing. I am bummed I cannot go to Blogher this year (I have a work trip starting that same weekend which involves three presentations I am giving – I have known this since March, but I have finally admitted to myself there is no way I can do both Blogher and the work trip) but I love the calendar on your Sunday posts too 🙂

    • JL

      No! I was hoping we would be at BlogHer together!  Boo!  

  • im so proud of you!!!!!  such a cool thing!  i wish i were on the east coast…(dont quote me on that)

    • JL

      Thank you, friend! We’ll be doing one (or two more)….get yourself over here! 🙂 

  • VeganVersion

    It was a lovely evening that surpassed any expectations that I had! I cannot wait to do it again!

    • JL


  • Steven

    So how was Flow? I ve heard great things is it worth the drive from NYC. When is the full right up coming…soooo excited!!!!

    • Steven

      I meant write up 🙂 The panna cotta looks so yummy!!

    • JL

      I can’t believe I have written my post on this yet! I think it’s because I want to do it well! LOL It’s coming though, I promise!

      Definitely plan to spend the night if visiting from NYC – it’s a drive! Call ahead and ask them to let Chef Zach know you’re a vegan traveling from NYC just for his delicious vegan eats!

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