Sacred Chow, NYC

by JL Fields on February 29, 2012

Last weekend Dave and I had dinner with two dear friends, Ethan and Michael at Sacred Chow, a tiny vegan bistro. There was awesome conversation and tons of laughter… and tons of food!

We started with the Sunflower Lentil Paté.

Yes, it’s as delicious as you think!

Then came my serving tray!

I opted for the Tapas option where you select three items for $18.

Naturally, one choice was kale.

Kale massaged in Dijon mustard = I died and went to heaven.

Next up, Root Vegetable Latkes with Indonesian Date “butter.”


Black Olive Seitan.

Oh, yes, you read that right. Black olives and seitan —  destined to be together!  Outstanding.

Finally, the Sweet Potato Torte for dessert.

I don’t think my dinner mates were as impressed with this delightfully savory dessert but I didn’t mind because that meant it was all for me.

Sacred Chow is truly a new (to me) NYC vegan favorite! Huge food, reasonable prices and it’s simply YUMMY!

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Speaking of yummy, on Monday my Tofu Tacos made the Fiesta Foods with a Latin Vibe issue of DailyBuzz Healthy Living…

…and today my Stop Chasing Skinny post Handle with Care made the Kindness to Oneself issue.

Finally another thank you (because I can never thank you enough!) for helping me raise funds for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  With 21 days left in my campaign to raise $730 to celebrate 730 days (two years) of being vegan, we are at 108% of our goal!

A generous donor has agreed to match the total raised by 50% — it’s not too late to donate!

  • Beth

    So, I’m attempting to request that you recreate all these dishes so I can make them at home (particularly the pate and the kale), but knowing you, I feel you will say, “Why recreate when I can just go to the restaurant?” 😉

    I’ll be in town April 28-29 having dinner with the Johnsons…are you around for a lunch/walk on one of those days?

    • JL

       Oh, trust me, I’m going to try the kale and seitan at home!

      Believe it or not, we’re going to the QPAC Wayne Newton concert (don’t judge!) that Sunday — how about lunch in Bayside before?

      • Beth

        Ok…I’m sort of judging….

        How about late lunch on Saturday in your neck of the woods? I’ll be taking 95 from CT anyways. I’ll figure when Chris wants me in Bayside and let you know? I think I will have an early start on Sunday and be heading back to Mass late in the morning.

        • JL

           Lunch Saturday is perfect!

  • Wow, the food looks wonderful – what a fantastic meal! Especially the pate, yum!

  • I wish I’d known about that restaurant when I was in NYC – I’ll have to keep it in the mental vault for future visits. Absolutely everything looks amazing, and now I have a huge craving for a lentil pate! 

  • Jenna

    Next time you go to Sacred Chow, you must order the soy meatballs inside the wholewheat baguette and then caesar salad… to DIE for! I dream about that salad. So jealous you live so nearby!

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  • Abby Bean

    You might be new to Sacred Chow, but you chose some of their best offerings! 
    P.S.I’ve come close to duplicating the dijon dressing (check out “Cooking for Non-Vegans” on my blog.

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  • Daniel O

    You must let me know when you are in town on a vegan outing. Sacred Chow has been a favorite place for years and–what do you know?–I almost always get the trio of small plates. The line-up you chose–the kale, latkes, and olive seitan–are classics that I frequently get as well!

    So glad you loved it as much as I do.

    • JL

       That would be the perfect place for us to meet up and catch up!

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