Vegan Polenta Broccoli Brunch Bowl

by JL Fields on February 10, 2017

Yesterday I whipped up a quick polenta in the pressure cooker and turned it into a vegan Polenta Broccoli Brunch Bowl.

You can find the full recipe on  my closed Facebook group (membership required): Vegan Pressure Cooking (join here) and on Instagram. (Why no recipe here? A vegan recipe creator’s conundrum).

Polenta is really very easy to make – and fast – in the pressure cooker (cook time at pressure was only 5 minutes). And it’s easy to turn it into the “tube” of polenta we know and love from the store. I poured the leftovers in a biscuit cutter and wrapped it up in parchment paper. I stored it in the refrigerator and last night I sliced it up and prepared it in the air fryer.

I spritzed three slices of polenta with a little extra-virgin olive oil mist, sprinkled a little salt and pepper, and air fried for about 14 minutes on 390°F. While the polenta was in the air fryer, I whisked a teaspoon of potato starch into tomatoes with basil in a saucepan – as it thickened up, I added cannellini beans, red pepper flakes, and oregano. I placed the fried polenta over a Caesar salad (I drizzled Follow Your Heart Caesar dressing on whole romaine lettuce leaves) and spooned the tomatoes and beans over everything.

Quick and tasty – my kind of real world vegan meal!

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