Who needs some vegan love?

by JL Fields on April 10, 2017

This blog could sure use some love, huh? No excuses coming your way but a little explanation.

Here we go. The sad news first.

Ernie died in February.

In January we found out our sweet little five-year-old boy had heart disease. Four weeks later we lost him. Heartbroken doesn’t even touch how I feel.

But we must go on.

Oliver is now an only child and he’s doing well.

Somewhere between adjusting to life with only one cat and working (because when you are self-employed, there is no bereavement leave), I decided to take up sourdough baking.

Yep, I grew a vegan sourdough starter.

Two actually.

One regular (Sandy) and one whole wheat (Sam). And I’m basically obsessed them.

Sourdough pizza crust.

Sourdough pancakes.

Sourdough cinnamon rolls.

Oh, and sourdough bread.

Lots and lots of sourdough bread.

Yep, I bake now. Who knew? But I have a lot to learn so I’m not quite ready to begin sharing recipes here (but I will soon and in the meantime, I share lots of my vegan sourdough creations on my Instagram).

So, through sourdough therapy, I’ve been working through missing Ernie and powering through with work. And wow, it’s been busy around here.

I turned in final edits for The Vegan Air Fryer

It will be out in the world before we know it. June 6, to be specific. (By the way, the Kindle version is 20% off right now, here.)

Victoria Moran and I have been busy with edits to our book The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook which comes out in December. And right now I’m creating new recipes for the – wait for it – revised edition of Vegan Pressure Cooking! I’m super-excited about this project, too.

And, among all of the ups and down, I offered the first Fundamentals of Vegan Cooking class in my new Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy. The class was full, the students were delightful, and I’m over the moon about living and working my bliss as a vegan and a vegan professional. (Hey, if you’re in Colorado Springs, the next Academy class is Wednesday night: Vegan Pressure Cooking; register here!)

And with the lengthy explanation, I’m delighted to announce that my weekly radio program Easy Vegan is back this week! And it’s all about vegan love. Maya Gottfried, the author of  Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal, with Fashion, Makeup & Wedding Tipsis my guest and vegans dating non-vegans, vegans seeking vegans, married and partnered couples who may or may not be on the same vegan journey, this show is for you! Take a listen:

I look forward to jumping back into the blog and sharing vegan food and vegan thoughts. More soon (promise).

  • vegan peace

    I am so sorry about Ernie. What a sweet boy. I’m thinking of you and sending love.

    • JL

      Thank you so much, @vegan_peace:disqus . We miss him terribly!

  • Bianca Phillips

    Ah, I’m so sorry about Ernie. That’s very tough. Thinking about you!

    Also, sourdough is awesome. I had a starter that I kept alive for a few months, but I eventually got overwhelmed with bread. Haha. I was living alone, and it was more than one person could handle.

    On another note, I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria this weekend at Nashville VegFest. We sat next to one another at the speakers’ dinner post-fest. She’s just the sweetest!

    • JL

      Thanks, Bianca. We sure miss our boy.

      Isn’t Victoria THE BEST? Love that you two met. You’re both awesome.

  • bonitapita

    I am so sorry to hear about Ernie. And so young! I understand your loss. We lost our 17 yo cat in March. They leave a hole so large.

    • JL

      Thank you, @bonitapita:disqus, and I so terribly sorry for your loss, too.

  • Betsy

    So sorry for your loss JL. I’m sure Ernie had so much love during his short life.

    • JL

      Thank you, Betsy. Yep, we loved him up hard.

  • So sorry for your loss! HUGS!

    Looking forward to upcoming posts, tho!

    • JL

      Thanks so much, @disqus_T9WvAVRdlp:disqus!

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