JL goes Reverend, Donating Veganism, Italian Potluck + Vegan News You Can Use (2/24/13)

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by JL Fields on February 24, 2013

On this Sunday morning  I’m looking at the clouds out over the mountains and the hills. For the first time since moving to Colorado we’re expecting a blizzard. While that normally sounds lovely on a Sunday, we’re really hoping everyone is getting it wrong. Because today I’m going to be officiating a wedding!  Yes, new readers, not only did JL go Vegan, she also went Reverend.

Friday we had the rehearsal in the Garden of the Gods …

Reverend JL Fields rehearsing with the bride and groom

…that’s Pikes Peak, that you can’t see, under the clouds.

Later that night we attended a fundraising event. I donated a Plant-Based 101 package.

JL goes Vegan Plant-Based 101 Silent Auction Package

The package included:

  • One 60-minute personal coaching session with certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator JL Fields, value $100
  • One copy of the nutrition book Vegan for Life, value $17
  • One copy of the cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan, value $20
  • One copy of the cookbook Vegan Soul Kitchen, value $19
  • One copy of the cookbook Ani’s Raw Food Essentials, value $19
  • One Go Vegan with JL tote bag, value $16

My item was bid upon! I helped an organization raise money and I’ll get to work with someone who may want to go more plant-based – double win! (Thanks to my publisher, Da Capo Press, for donating the books!)

Last night we went to the Colorado Springs Vegan & Vegetarian Group MeetUp 3rd Annual Italian Potluck (vegan).

I took my Mediterranean Beans with Greens (I used chickpeas).

JL Fields  Mediterranean Beans with Greens on JL goes Vegan

The spread was amazing.

Vegan Italian Potluck 2

This isn’t even everything!

 I loaded up my plate.

Vegan Italian Potluck

Salad, pasta, pizza, kale chips, antipasto, oh my!  Such a great meal!

This was my second vegan potluck in the Springs and I am hooked.  Folks around here know how to dish up some delicious vegan eats! If you haven’t joined a local vegan MeetUp I really encourage you to do it (and if there isn’t one in your area, start one!). It’s such a great way to meet new friends and to sample delicious vegan eats!

I have announcements!

This week’s vegan links and news



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TUESDAY:  Homemade-ish Vegan Pizza with a Rustic Crust

Homemade-ish Vegan Pizza with Rustic Crust

THURSDAY: What a Welcome to Colorful Colorado! MeetUps, VegFest Colorado, and Local Press!

What a Welcome to Colorful Colorado

FRIDAY: Winner! We have a Main Street Vegan and Vegan for Life Winner!

book-giveaway-on-JL-goes-Vegan Winner

SATURDAY: Just added: Two-session vegan lifestyle class in Colorado Springs this April!

vegan lifestyle class in Colorado Springs

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  • I hope they’re wrong about the weather, too, and that you’re enjoying the wedding right now! As always, thanks for great info and links. 🙂

    • JL

      You are welcome, @twitter-48088321:disqus ! And thanks for making great recipes for me to share 🙂

  • Peggy Garbe

    Hope the weather held up for the wedding! We practically had a hail storm invade ours, but it made for a memorable story =)

    • JL

      @google-a1fc376bbfe2006175afcd02b40a4602:disqus the sun came out! It was cold but gorgeous! Wow, you sure do have a memorable story! Love it! 🙂

  • I just wanted to say YAY for Meetups! When I became active with my local meetup group, I felt like I found “my people” … Within just a few months I’ve developed great friendships with many of them, and have found a wonderful new social group 🙂

    • JL

      Yes, @twitter-221197208:disqus ! Me, too! I have wonderful friends from my NY MeetUps and great new friends from my local CO MeetUps!

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