Day One of BlogHer 2011: Bloggers, Food and Vibrators

by JL Fields on August 6, 2011

I know it’s going to be a good conference when the first table I find at the expo is covered in sex toys.  I know it’s going to be a GREAT conference when, a half hour later, I am going through the swag bag from said sex toy company and discover they actually provided two vibrators!

I was sitting with Crunchy VT Mommy and her sister, waiting for the morning keynote, and squealed  “look a vibrator!” I then saw someone at the next table turn to look at me.  It was the “other JL,” JodyLynn of Healthy Heyday!  Big hugs all around! (Check out her great raw, vegan food blog; she just became a certified raw chef!)

After the keynote I started texting a blog friend — soon to become my for real and forever friend — trying to meet up. Finally, in the expo, I met Liz of Run with Sneakers. If you are not yet reading Liz’s blog, you should.  She is a vegan and a runner and she writes really informative posts about the nutritional benefit of vegan foods. She shares great recipes that she finds and she offers great encouragement. Be sure to check her out!

JL and Liz

As soon as we hugged hello I told her she needed to get to the Eden Fantasy table ASAP for vibrators!

Side note:  rest-assured if you ever meet me in real life, I will be my authentic self.  Vibrators for JodyLynn and Liz.  As for my friend Lee of The Vegan Version, I threw the F-bomb and talked about my uncontrollable breasts within the first five-minutes of lunch in Philadelphia.  What you see is what you get.

Liz got her vibrators and then shared something fun. She had not heard of a QR code until she read my post.

Then she made her own!

I spent my first day of the BlogHer 2011 conference following The Write Brain track:

  1. Essential Writing and Editing Skills
  2. Essential Blog Content Development

I got a lot out of all of the sessions and am anxious to slowly incorporate some changes (I will be asking for your opinion soon).

Liz and I ducked out of the conference for lunch. We walked to a Thai restaurant but discovered it was not open for lunch. Boo.  We walked around and stumbled upon Rockin Baja Coastal Cantina.  Chicken salad, hold the chicken and the cheese, please.

Not bad.  We asked for additional black beans, on the side, to make it a heartier meal. Oh, and don’t miss the self-serve chips and salsa bar!

Rockin' Baja Coastal Cantina on Urbanspoon

It was then back to the conference to continue to challenge my Write Brain. The hours flew by and it was suddenly time for a break.  We found a table of vegan treats thanks to the afternoon snack sponsor, Dove Chocolate.

Delicious as it looks, folks, delicious as it looks!

At 6:30 I met up with my husband and friends and we were off to dinner at Spread: nouveau comfort food.  Long time readers, does this sound familiar?  Yep, I dined there last August when I was in San Diego.  Just. As. Fabulous.

Spread offers only locally grown, organic produce. The vegetarian menu changes every day — they write it on a chalkboard and bring it to the table — and most items are vegan. Last night all items were vegan.

The food is served family style. There were four of us so we had them serve every single dish.

We started with the sangria.

Basil Lime Sangria

Followed by a feeding frenzy.

Baby lettuces, red carrot, avocado, yellow grape tomatoes, blueberries, avocado basil dressing

Heirloom tomato bruschetta

Melon "carpaccio" with lime "ceviche"

Tacos de huitlacoche (mexican corn truffle), mashed potatoes, pink salsa, lavender guacamole on corn tortillas

Fresh black truffle and sweet corn risotto

Mushroom lentil ragout

Finally, for dessert, the PB & J Slider.

Last year I enjoyed my dinner at Spread. This year, I loved it even more.

Spread on Urbanspoon

Yesterday was filled with intellectual stimulation (and clearly, provided an opportunity for other kinds of stimulation) and fabulous vegan food. I’m looking forward to another great day at BlogHer ’11. But first an early trail run with my friend Lisa this morning.

See you tomorrow!


Yesterday on Stop Chasing Skinny I wrote about Beautiful YOU and invite you to join me on a journey.  Are you in?






    Everything looks wonderful!! Have fun!! 

  • I sort of wish I was sitting next you when you squawked, “Look a vibrator!”

    That would have been priceless.

    Sounds like an amazing time (totally jealous!).

  • When I first read your tweet about getting a vibrator in the swag bag I was like OMG really? I can’t believe they gave those away! and now i’m like OMG why don’t more conferences give out such things? far better than a stick of gum… usually. Totally awesome! I wish I could have been there when you were all “look! free vibrator!” and I totally want that basil sangria. like, now. at 10am.

    • JL

      The sangria was RIDICULOUS! I want to make my own (it’s really just white wine, lime and basil)

  • Healthyheyday

    JL! What a pleasure to meet live “in living color” YOU!!! What are the odds that in an estrogen filled room of 3000+ – that we’d be seated back to back??? Fate, my dear! I’m gonna hunt you down today for a photo. :-). xo

  • Candy

    Well, your squeals of delight do not surprise me… knowing you since the day you were born, you love life, everything in it and you are nothing other  than total honesty when it comes to your life! The food looks amazing and look forward to seeing and reading about your conference every day.

  • That lavender guac sounds pretty crazy but everything sounds so good! I can’t believe they gave away vibrators! Ha!

  • It looks like you are having such a good time… vibrators and f-bomb and PBJ sliders?!   I think we would be good friends if we ever met. 🙂

    • JL

      Then we should certainly meet!

  • LOL, loved that there were vibrators in the swag bag! I’ve gotta go next year! Thanks for the blog recommendations, my Google Reader just got longer. Awesome that you’re yourself in person, sounds like we’d get along perfectly. 

    • JL

      BlogHer 2012 is in New York next year!

  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Were you as starving for dinner as I was?  Your spread at Spread looks so delicious.  Way better than what I had for dinner.  I might have eaten the sofa cushions.  Not sure cause I simply inhaled whatever it was. (Veggie burger over salad greens, actually.)

    • JL

      YES! So I ate BIG last night 🙂

  • Bahaha, that is so silly about the vibrators! It looks like they fed you very well, I am slightly jealous and drooling over your photos! Yum!


  • Spread looks and sounds incredible, did you grab any of the PB to go? 

    • JL

      Hmm, no, didn’t actually occur to me!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, it sounds like you are having so much fun! I am jealous!  And I knew that we were going to be for real forever friends the minute you started throwing around the F-bomb while telling me about your newly found breasts!!  

    • JL

      I wish you were here, Lee! Oh yeah, I knew the minute we met that we’re friends for life!

  • The “bullet” belongs in every girl’s Christmas stocking : )
    Would love to see you re-create the ragout!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sooooooo jealous of being at that conference,  I should make it my plan to go next year, it’s just so much of an expense coming from Canada! 🙂    Especially since with the swag bags! 😉  

    • JL

      Where in Canada? NYC next year!

  • It looks like so much fun! 
    I saw your reaction on my previous comment; I’m from Europe (Belgium) and I wish it was possible to come next year! I try to limit my airtraffic as much as possible 😉 I just hope something like this is going to happen soon here in the neighborhood. 

    Enjoy yourselves and I hope you get the chance to learn a lot and meet great new people!

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  • Bitt

    free vibrators? why didn’t they tell me? i’d be there by now! 🙂 save me one.

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  • Julie W

    Yea! I’m so excited to hear you got a lot out of the Essential Blog Content Development session! I was so relieved to have such a great, interactive audience – so many great comments and feedback. It’s always amazing when writers come together and share ideas. By the way, your food porn is amazing. ;o)

    • JL

      Julie, it was a great session! I really learned so much and am and am already incorporating some of the suggestions! (and thanks re: food porn … I <3 food!) 🙂

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  • JL

    Shameless! Yes, that’s me! 🙂

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