Vegan MoFo VIDEO #19: Rice Cooker Curry Lentil & Amaranth Soup

by JL Fields on September 28, 2013

In my second-to-last video for Vegan MoFo 2013 I share why I love the rice cooker and make a simple curried vegan rice cooker soup recipe.


  1. Yeah. Walking to the camera with the soup didn’t really work, did it? Here’s what the vegan rice cooker soup actually looks like!vegan rice cooker | curry lentil & amaranth soup | JL Fields It was delicious!
  2. What’s amaranth? A grain. Actually a seed, but it’s a lot like quinoa. In fact amaranth, quinoa and bulgur are considered high protein “grains.”
  3. My rice cooker recipes are here.
  4. My version of Homegrown Smoker‘s Machnocheeto is here. You should make it.

And now the recipe!

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  • Cadry

    I happened to win those bouillon cubes in a giveaway (along with the red curry ones) a year ago, and I’ve had amaranth in the cupboard unopened since our Vida Vegan Con swag bags. Now I know what to make with them both!

    • JL

      Hope you love it, @CadrysKitchen:disqus!

  • Dana

    I do not have a rice cooker but would love to make this in a slow cooker or soup pot on the stove. How would I do this?

    • JL

      @a328513041c3ad7c8ace4973d36d3a2b:disqus, on the stove amaranth cooks in about 20 minutes and red lentils in about 25 so I think you can put everything in a soup pot and cook until done (sorry but since I didn’t make the recipe stovetop I can’t say for certain).

  • marcia

    JL, how big of a rice cooker do you need for this recipe? I keep thinking about getting a better rice cooker than my little one but not sure how big to go.

    • JL

      @marciakalisch:disqus, mine is a 5 1/2 cup rice cooker.

  • Patty

    I loved the video, JL! You really made me smile this morning! I love the way you roll! :)

    • JL

      Thanks, @1e54415d8e8f33ea428fac092b7a2b40:disqus! You make ME smile!

  • Jared Bigman

    I am with @CadrysKitchen:disqus — still have not used the VVC amaranth! This will happen.

    • JL

      Awesome, @jaredbigman:disqus!

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