Vegan eats at The Blue Star + Vegan for Her TV Episode 1 is now available

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by JL Fields on October 10, 2013

I finally dined at The Blue Star this week!

But first, here’s Episode 1 of Vegan for Her TV, which aired live yesterday on Vegan for Her’s Google+ page:

Don’t miss the video notes, which outline Ginny’s recommendations for eating all of your calcium needs on a daily basis!

So, back to the food.

Tuesday night Dave and I explored more of vegan Colorado Springs; we dined at The Blue Star for the first time. This is an upscale restaurant in Colorado Springs that we’ve heard wonderful things about but had never actually eaten there (though we have frequented the cocktail lounge side of the house for wine and noshing). Not at all a vegan restaurant, they are very vegan-friendly. There was one appetizer and one entrée already vegan but our server suggested I take a look at the entire menu and if I wanted the kitchen to try something to let them know. I did and the result was wonderful.

I asked them to veganize the Fried Green Tomato Salad entrée and turn it into an appetizer.

vegan colorado springs | The Blue Star | Fried Green Tomatoes

They held the egg wash step when frying the tomatoes and served it with pumpkin pesto, black bean coulis and tofu cheese. I just might double that up and have it as an entire meal next time. It was delicious.

I ordered the melon salad, hold the cheese.

vegan colorado springs | The Blue Star | Melon Salad


I ordered the one vegan entrée, Oyster Mushroom Huitlacoche over Masa Cakes

vegan colorado springs | The Blue Star | Oyster mushroom huitlacoche over masa cakes

Absolutely fantastic!

The Blue Star is a wonderful dining experience for plant-based diners – just call ahead, make a reservation and note that you’re vegan. Then enjoy!

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  • Terri Cole

    Hi JL! When will the recipe testers be receiving our copies of “Vegan for Her”? Thanks!

  • bitt

    Hey some cool vegan ladies on TV! Nice! I had a hard time because I’d have to turn up volume for Ginny then down for JL. Wonder why. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing more!

    • JL

      :) You’re awesome, @bitt:disqus! Yeah, in the video notes we talk about a variety of technical difficulties with sound and lighting. Hoping the November show is nearly flawless! :)

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