Living my vegan life in Colorado

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by JL Fields on December 18, 2012

We are adjusting really well to life in Colorado.

This is a typical morning for Ernie and CK.

Ernie and CK listening to NPR in the morning

Chillaxin on the couch with me (and NPR playing through the stereo via the iPad).

Here is a typical view when I go out for a run.

My daily run in the Garden of the Gods

Here’s a typical night out.

Liz, JL and db at The Broadmoor

Okay, that’s not true. Last night was a special occasion – Dave’s cousin Liz was in town and we had dinner with her at The Broadmoor.

But this is typical.

JL loves wine

I love wine.

The vegan meal I pulled together by ordering a few sides from other entrées on the menu was, err, fine.

Vegan at The Tavern at The Broadmoor

I’ll probably just stick to the wine next time I go back to Tavern at The Broadmoor.  I wasn’t there for the food, though, and we had a marvelous time with Liz. (Our apologies to the people at every table that kept staring at us each time we busted out into laughter.)

Sunday Dave and I drove to Denver (just over an hour from our place in the Springs) to attend the Neat Market that I wrote about Sunday.  I was super-excited about the vegan shop-up. First things, first.  I had to check out the Vegan Van.

Vegan Van

Dave and I split the Groovy Ruby.

Groovy Ruby from The Vegan Van

It was delicious! I told the awesome owner/chef Amie that I would be coming to Denver often, just to stalk her van!

We picked up a few things at the Neat Market, including these Seitan Crumbles from Linden Tree Foods.

Seitan Crumbles from Linden Tree Foods

I devoured that sample of awesome chili in no time (and the fine folks of Linden Tree Foods emailed me the recipe yesterday – I’m making it this weekend for a casual dinner party!).  I also bought some of their black bean jerky

Black Bean Jerky, Seitan Crumbles, Linden Tree Foods

So good! No, I mean it. SO GOOD.

I met local chef and author Alan Roettinger and picked up a copy of his book Speed Vegan, which he graciously signed for me.

The Neat Market is right next door to NOOCH Vegan Market, so of course I popped in to say hello to Joshua – and to shop! I picked up these necessities.

Vegan groceries from NOOCH, Denver, CO

Yes, vegan mac & cheese, gravy mix, seitan, and candy are necessities!

As I was checking out I was told that one of my Facebook friends – who I have yet to meet! – left a “welcome to Colorado” present.

Fresh boule from Denver Bread Company

Thank you, Roberta, for this gorgeous boule from Denver Bread Company!

After our vegan shopping we met a friend at Freshcraft for lunch.

Freshcraft, vegan tacos, Denver

I had a Colorado cider and vegan tacos (with crimini mushrooms).  The cider was awesome; the tacos were just okay.

Now it’s time to get to work.  Urban living near the mountains means I have traffic, and Pike’s Peak, outside my office window.

An office view, Colorado Springs

Totally lovin’ our new life in Colorado!

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  • Northwest Herbivore

    Aren’t those chipotle caramel bars amazing?? We recently discovered them up here at Vegan Haven in Seattle.

    • JL

      @fb1c2b81280b6364671ba460337470b3:disqus, I haven’t had that one yet! I sampled the nougat (OMG) and toffee (OMG x 2). Can’t wait to try the chipotle caramel!

  • It looks like you’re adjusting to Colorado beautifully! Who can blame you? Colorado is gorgeous! I’d love to live there someday. The Vegan Van menu looks fantastic, and it’s so great that Denver has its own vegan market. (Plus, you’ve got to love the name!)

    • JL

      Yes, @twitter-212968767:disqus , isn’t NOOCH simply perfect?! I’m luck that Colorado Springs does have a small natural market (Mountain Mama), a chain natural market (Sprouts) and Whole Foods – but NOOCH, only an hour away, has some really unique, wonderful vegan items that are worth the drive! 🙂

  • Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Colorado is one of my favorite places!

    • JL

      I really am, @las_dos_ashleys:disqus !

  • I’m so glad you’re enjoying Colorado, I know we’re loving it too. And I really need to find that jerky, it’s one of my favorite snacks!

    • JL

      @betterwithveg:disqus , that jerky is SO good! NOOCH might carry it- I know they carry the seitan crumbles!

  • Bianca

    Wow! Colorado looks amazing!! Nooch market?! Vegan nouget?! The menu at that vegan food van/truck?! Jealous! Also, don’t you love Alan?! I had the pleasure of demo-ing before him at a vegan retreat at the Farm.

    • JL

      Yes, @Bianca, Alan was great – and I’m going to his cooking demo in the Springs in January! Looking forward to that!

  • I am SO glad you are settling in. Colorado sure is amazing! Welcome!

    • JL

      Thank you, @twitter-28594165:disqus ! Can’t wait to meet you!

  • I love the Vegan Van- ate there nearly once a week this past summer at Civic Center Eats, but you missed her BEST sandwich, the Ludacris. You must try that one next time!

    • JL

      Okay, @twitter-464809434:disqus , I will!

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